In 1944, this Mt. Pulaski Township High School WWII Military Honor Service Board was constructed by Herbert Stivers (Industrial Arts Teacher) and the letter printing was expertly done by graduating senior, Paul Fuhrer (class of 1944).  One glaring mistake:  the board says “Men” when it should say “Men & Women” - the very first name being that of Pauline E. Bender, who served as a US Army Nurse during WWII.  In addition, Norma Gulso Miller, Katherine L. Allspach and Eldrid Kemmer need to be placed on this board as well - perhaps others.   Also, over the years, several (5) names have fallen off – perhaps those of Julian T. Sams, Clarence Frazier, Emmett Shellhammer, etc. 

       Donations are now being taken to renovate and up-date this board.